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How quickly will the Netherlands change from one of the richest into one of the poorest? – Ice Age Now

Posted by M. C. on November 21, 2019

Frederik Wisse

What is the formula for suicide?

What is the formula for suicide? The Dutch main stream media , left and “progressive right’ , and the government nowadays here has a simple solution for this problem :

1.  Ban natural gas .

2. Put 50% of the farmers out of business .

3. Tax CO2 output and drop it to 0% within 30 years .

4. Tax all air travel especially holidays-traffic .

5.  Curtail all economic activity based upon idiotic bureaucratic EU-regulations lacking all democratic control . The George Orwell state has started here its implementation .

You will not believe this is all happening here right now . The government has sneaked the laws for this through Parliament here and guess who are the biggest supporters of this coup on our population ? The Dutch Royal Family , which is living of a yearly pension of roughly 300 million euros .

We shall see how quickly the Netherlands will change from one of the richest into one of the poorest . Already TATA Steel is taking the consequences and moving its ultra-modern steel mills outside of Europe . Eastern European politicians are already rubbing their hands and prophesying the demise of western Europe as the Germans are moving on next to the same track as the stupid Dutch apart from a slight difference : Germans are used to more hardship and adapt faster to new realities .

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