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Posted by M. C. on November 30, 2019

Model T sales were driven by market demand – and Ford made money building them. They were mass-market cars because they were affordable cars. They reduced people’s cost of getting around and made it more convenient.

Electric cars are an inversion of this principle. They are being forced onto the market – and transfer money from unwilling victims (taxpayers, forced to finance their manufacture and “sale”). They make driving more cumbersome, less convenient.

As cars become electrified, they will become increasingly unaffordable. Note the shift in marketing emphasis to the performance of EVs, not their economy. It is necessary to keep people’s minds off the fact that EVs are expensive – by making them seem sexy.



Electric cars are costing us more than just too much money.

They’re also costing jobs.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Audi announced the end of 9,500 of them – to help finance the development of electric cars. “We are now tackling structural issues in order to prepare Audi for the challenges ahead,” said Audi’s CEO Bram Schot.

The “structural issues” he speaks of are the outlawing of other-than-electric cars by the German government, effective come 2030.

The jobs lost amount to 15 percent of the company’s German workforce and by eliminating them, Audi will “raise” $6.6 billion – that is, cannibalize itself of that sum – to manufacture products it can’t make money selling but which the German government is forcing them to make.

Days later, Mercedes-Benz announced it was laying off another 10,000 – for the same reason.

VW Chief Herbet Diess says it could cost 100,000 jobs.

This is the way it ends. Not with a bang but with a whirr.

Electric cars are being used to eliminate cars – and eventually, the car industry.

Along with millions of jobs, once the demolition is complete…

Henry Ford changed the world, all right – but with the full and free cooperation of the populace. He offered his cars for sale – to be purchased or not.

It was left to the people to judge the merits – or lack – of his Model T. No one was forced to build one, much less buy one. Nor forced to “help” his neighbor buy one, through income tax-mulcted kickbacks. Ford himself was not able to use the government to get laws passed forcing the horse-and-buggy industry to provide him with funds – “dung credits” – to build his Model T at their expense. Nor did he agitate to have laws passed imposing onerous “emissions” regulations on dung production.

The manufacture of horse-drawn buggies was never restricted, much less outlawed. It simply passed away – peacefully – to make way for a superior free-market alternative.

Electric cars are changing the world at bayonet-point.

Audi is not firing all those people because the work they do is non-productive; quite the opposite. They are being fired to finance government-mandated unproductivity

It is no accident that most people – victims of government education camps – do not have the faintest idea what carbon dioxide actually is – i.e,  a non-reactive gas that has nothing to do with the “cleanliness” of the air. Nor that it is minor trace gas – less than 1 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere – and the amount of that “emitted” by vehicles is the equivalent of a belch in the Superdome.

But it is nonetheless the reason why the car industry is “investing” in electric cars, notwithstanding the glaring absence of any real market for them. Hysteria is driving the politics forcing the mass-manufacturing of them.

But what sort of return will there be on this political “investment”?…

There may, however, be new jobs keeping the old cars going. So long as the government doesn’t ban the use of other-than-electric cars.

But that is coming, too.

EVs will only “succeed” when there is no longer an alternative to them.

Be seeing you

Electric Cars in Winter | HuffPost




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