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World War II, Pearl Harbor and Poland

Posted by M. C. on December 7, 2019

Did you ever realize that WWII was started because England was obligated by treaty to defend Poland (from Hitler in this case) but FDR and Churchill gave away Poland to Franklin’s “Papa Joe” at Yalta? It seems to have defeated the whole purpose.

2 Responses to “World War II, Pearl Harbor and Poland”

  1. alan davies said

    “Started” is a problematic word in itself. One could argue that WW2 started with the invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Anschluss, the reoccupation of the Saarland, German rearmament, or even the Versailles treaty. Churchill and FDR did not ‘give away’ Poland to Stalin. FDR was, in any case, a dying man. Russian forces were already about to overrun (liberate if you prefer) Poland and the Polish Communist Party was the de facto puppet government. No one, not even Patton, could have gathered support for a new war against an erstwhile ally — to accomplish what? The overthrow of a communist government in Warsaw? I think not.

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