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British Origins Of The Coronavirus Further Confirmed

Posted by M. C. on March 14, 2020

Fort Detrick, UK, who knows?

It is not unreasonable to question the Chinese origins of C-virus

via British Origins Of The Coronavirus Further Confirmed

Patriots for Truth

When the president announced a National Emergency over coronavirus, we were thrilled because you can’t talk about coronavirus without talking about the Pirbright Institute, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, the Wellcome Trust, University of North Carolina, and DARPA.

manningham buller afiShocking Discovery: The British Origins Of The Coronavirus Further Confirmed—ABritish Spy (Manningham-Buller) Runs Wellcome Trust & The Pirbright Institute, inventor of this weaponized Coronavirus. Her MI5 agency was literally created by the Empire Press Union in 1909—whose meetings were literally bankrolled by Henry Wellcome who had just killed 60,000 in South African concentration camps in vaccine experiments in the 2nd Boer War (1899-1902)

Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, chair of Wellcome Trust—the funder of the  patentee—ran MI5 (2002-2007) during  The Pirbright Institute (Merial Animal Health Institute)’s release of the foot and mouth virus

pirbrigt fig 6Read more

Merial took the decision to “move” its Pirbright operations…

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FLASHBACK 2002: Anthrax, Ebola Missing From US Army Fort ...

Fort Detrick




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