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Bioweapon research is illegal.  Many charge that the US is engaged in it. –

Posted by M. C. on April 15, 2020

It is now called “biological defense”.

Fort Detrick

Paul Craig Roberts

Robert Kadlec, Assistant Secretary of Health in Washington, denies that the US is involved with bioweapons research, as do most US officials.

Francis Boyle disagrees.  He says that the US has 13,000 scientists working in bioweapon research in a large number of labs.

What is this if not bioweapon research:

Giving aerosol gain-of-function to pathogens is not bioweapons research?

What is this if not bioweapon research:

Funding coronavirus/bat research in a level 4 lab is not bioweapon research?

How does this differ from bioweapon research: 

Certainly, nonweapon rationals can be given for the research.  Nevertheless, creating a pathogen with aerosol transmission capability is to create a bioweapon.

Is there any possibility of enforcing US law that prohibits the US from participating in bioweapons research and production?  Or do once again false “national security” claims take precedence over US law?

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