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Gov. Tom Wolf Accuses Pennsylvanians Defying Lockdown of ‘Cowardly Act’

Posted by M. C. on May 11, 2020

Whom is being cowardly towards what?

Government knew this was coming at least since H1N1.

Government did nothing.

The government’s (Wolf’s) solution is to order everyone into the fetal position until someone, they don’t know who or where, magics up a cure. A cure that has to be approved by a do nothing failure of a CDC.

Woe unto those that fail to assume the position. Extorting compliance through loss of license and loss of compensation that government negligence necessitated in the first place.

This is leadership in Pennsylvania.

by Hannah Bleau

Gov. Tom Wolf (D), who is facing mounting pressure from residents desperate to get back to work, doubled down on Monday, accusing local leaders who are reopening their counties early of engaging in a “cowardly act” as well as stating that local business owners who plan to reopen in defiance of his orders are “morally wrong.”…

“You business owners, these politicians put you at risk of losing your health department certificate,” liquor license, and certificate of occupancy, Wolf said…

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