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A Free Speech Alternative to YouTube – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 29, 2020

Reviews indicate this is a work in progress.


As I discussed in a recent post I wrote for, YouTube is increasingly censoring or terminating content creators, and for some of my prior writing where YouTube content was removed, I provided embed codes to an alternative platform that hosted those banned videos. For instance, in my piece “Bolton’s Blunder” for some reason the video on YouTube that Organic Prepper Daisy Luther provided, “Seven Signs of An Empire in Decline” was removed; the alternative I found was superior to the original. In addition, I provided an embed code to Lew Rockwell of a video of two physicians challenging the COVID-19 narrative that had a huge amount of views on YouTube that was removed but it has been retained on a competitive platform that is growing yet as of now has only a fraction of the viewership of YouTube; that platform is BitChute.

While I’m sure that since it is based on providing a free speech platform evidently with little restriction and has content that will be viewed as offensive, nevertheless many popular, rational, and respected content providers who still have channels on YouTube use Bitchute as a backup platform because of YouTube’s totalitarian censorship practices. Based on my own personal preferences, I follow content that has been banned or censored on YouTube and due to Google’s profiling and integration with various governments (see here and here), I now prefer watching content on BitChute. I’ve followed on YouTube the work of Dave Cullen, an Irish Catholic, who covers many topics. He discussed the importance of BitChute in the following video that provided to me the astonishing information that essentially BitChute, which is competing with YouTube, actually has only two full-time employees and uses sophisticated blockchain based technology; the video is entitled “Bitchute Needs Our Help” and it was posted on December 2019 to the platform:

In addition, he has posted this video “YouTube’s Algorithmic Throttling of Channels” that goes into technical details of YouTube’s nefarious conduct:

As a Christian, I hope for the words of Saint Paul to echo within us, to guide and assist us: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus;” if understood and practiced, surely there wouldn’t be war waged by one race against another, one sex another, and various divisions. However, realizing we are living in what perhaps has been accurately described as a post-Christian age, I understand the perspective of the banned YouTube channel Red Ice that often criticizes anti-white dogma promulgated by Social Justice Warriors, Cultural Marxists and the like. This video, “Why I Support Free Speech” discusses from a secular perspective the importance of free speech—by all sides, including the opponents of liberty…

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