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Video: Buffalo Police Push 75-year-Old Man to the Ground During Protest, Leave Him Bleeding From His Head – Blog

Posted by M. C. on June 6, 2020

His name is Martin Gugimo and he’s a lifelong peace activist. Thankfully, he’s in stable condition and likely to recover. He’s one of our own. I feel very strongly that anarcho- bulldaggers like myself need to defend our more dovish allies with our own bodies if necessary. These pigs target pacifists because bullies are always cowards. They shouldn’t be aloud to get away with this. Anarchists should be bodyguards, not looters.

The police shove this elderly man to the ground for asking them a question, then has his head bleeds and he lies motionless, they walk off to hassle other protesters. He is currently in stable but serious condition at Erie County Medical Center.

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