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Watch “Light in the Darkness Episode 8 Confirmation Bias” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on June 21, 2020

Is this you?

One Response to “Watch “Light in the Darkness Episode 8 Confirmation Bias” on YouTube”

  1. Unfortunately, confirmation bias is already part of the algorithms in our computer, social media platforms and health programs… lol. At the ‘full moon’ thing example and then an example of luck at traffic lights illusion bias…because you are looking for it? Critical thinking means looking at both sides…not sure what they are saying with that. They sound like they would rather people didn’t research things…and are saying that the majority of people have this confirmation bias which is not how it is. I don’t like their condescending attitude but then maybe that is because I like to think I’m very aware of my own and other peoples perspectives which are, in fact usually, different from mine. However, there are many people who I’ve been ‘debating’ with recently who could do with watching this. Recall is an interesting point. Many people don’t have good recall right now, they are fatigued with negativity…. so, your question, “is this you?”…I’d like to think not but always aware it could be would be my answer. Thanks for this, is was interesting.

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