Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint On Trump’s Call to Pull Tax Exemptions From Radical Left Colleges and Universities and What He Should Really Do

Posted by M. C. on July 11, 2020

President Trump tweeted the following on Friday:

I sympathize entirely with Trump’s sentiment here, it is true that what is being taught at almost all colleges and universities is anti-capitalist radical leftist corprolite. But it is a slippery slope to start pulling tax exemptions.

It is the further politicization of America’s institutions and on these grounds, I object vehemently. Under Trump, it is about lefty education under a future AOC presidency it will be greater taxation of all institutions that aren’t promoting the full socialist line.

As a counter, I would much rather see Trump grant tax exemptions to young entrepreneurs say under 25, who have started their own businesses. Fight lefty radicalism with a boost to young entrepreneurs.

Further, I would pull all federal government grants to colleges and universities, let them learn a little bit about how to hustle on the free market.


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