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Trump Just Admitted on Live Television He Will ‘Terminate’ Social Security and Medicare If Reelected in November | Common Dreams News

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2020

Much ado about nothing. is more like a nightmare. Desperation is not a good look.

Yah, Trump is talking about reducing or eliminating payroll tax to help working stiffs.

It might actually help a little, for a little while.

SS and Medicare will not be eliminated. It would be a disaster for the public. No congressperson will support such a measure.

Trump is just cooking the books on funding.

We Pennsylvanians recently learned our gas tax, supposedly in place to pay for our crumbling infrastructure, is regularly diverted to pay for state police training. All legal so we are told.

It is all a shell game.

Let’s get real. SS and medicare taxes get sucked into the swamp and no one knows where specific funds go. Your SS deduction for this week may have been IOU’d by the war department and spent bombing Yemen.

Pre-COVID taxes paid 50% or less of the budget. This year it may be closer to 20%. The rest is borrowed, printed or just magicked from electrons in a bank’s computer.

Congress and the treasury will wave their magics wands and everything will get paid for just like COVID recovery plans, just like always, …until the system goes bust.

President Donald Trump on Saturday afternoon openly vowed to permanently “terminate” the funding mechanism for both Social Security and Medicare if reelected in November—an admission that was seized upon by defenders of the popular safety net programs who have been warning for months that the administration’s threat to suspend the payroll tax in the name of economic relief during the Covid-19 pandemic was really a backdoor sabotage effort.

“We just heard it straight from Trump’s own mouth:  If reelected, he will destroy Social Security.” —Social Security Works…

Blah, blah, blah
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