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Government, Death and Yoga

Posted by M. C. on August 18, 2020

When reading of yet another business struggling to avoid complete closure, a beloved establishment in Crawford county PA in this case, a few things come to mind.

Governor Wolf and his health secretary issuing “mandates”, NOT voted on by any legislature. Obey or get your state license pulled.

Now that COVID deaths, real and fabricated, are dropping like a rock we now have “cases”. A spike of acquired immunity “cases” that are twisted by the state and media to feign illness and death, like the passenger list on a river Styx cruise ship. Immune people don’t need vaccines and passport tattoos. Bad for control.

There appears to be another outbreak prevalent among PA government and media.


In PA I have noticed that whenever Governor Wolf and his minion issue a ”mandate”, local government officials and media immediately strike the Cat Pose.

I suppose that explains Wolf’s Mona Lisa smile.


Be seeing you

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