Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint ‘Why I’m Leaving California’

Posted by M. C. on September 20, 2020

What Ben Shapiro says in this clip is on the minds of many CEOs and high-wage earners in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City.

The tax base is leaving the cities thanks to the way wacko lefties running these operations.

Taxpayers will take a lot of abuse but when the threat is moved to directly outside the door despite paying high taxes, the tax base moves.

It is difficult to see how these cities don’t turn into third rate hell holes unless the lefties running these cities are replaced pronto.

On a tangential note, it is interesting that Shapiro has chosen Tennesse. The real number crunchers tend to choose this state. The late financial adviser Harry Browne lived there and Arthur Laffer operates out of Tennessee.  Though Browne and Laffer chose Memphis over Nashville.


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