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As Australia Turns Into Police State, Owners of These Toy Guns Must Register or Surrender Them

Posted by M. C. on October 12, 2020

Like their UK brethren, OZ conservatives are worse than US progressives.

By Jared Harris

For Australians, the coronavirus pandemic has revealed an entirely new side of their government that is not too pleasant.

Severe lockdowns have been forced on the people, and protests against the strict measures have been met with an overwhelming and hostile police response.

With the pandemic far from over, it doesn’t look like the police state down under will be going away anytime soon….

Now, nearly 25 years after the massacre and the harsh gun restrictions that followed, some Australians are being forced to hand over or register a new class of firearm — gel blasters.

The toy guns fire a small pellet made mostly of water using a spring or electric power. According to Australia’s 9News, residents of the state of South Australia will have six months to surrender or register the toys….

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