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Posted by M. C. on October 28, 2020

The last line of the book is ominous (pg46), “We are indeed in uncharted waters surrounded by blood-thirsty sharks.” This analogy is in contrast to the classic analogy of frogs in a pot slowly brought to boil.

by Ira Katz

I did something recently that every LRC reader should also consider doing. I made a donation to the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and thereby received a copy of Dr. Paul’s new book The End of Unerarned Opulence. This little gem is truely Ron Paul’s gift of wisdom to the world. Of course, he is well known to LRC readers as a man of great experience, learning, and judgement. In this book he reflects on the state of the United States in these difficult times. He uses the legend of Dr. Faustus (maybe we should insert Dr. Fauci?) and his pact with the devil as a foil to our moral decline due to our pact with the Federal Reserve and its fiat money. Listed below are my selection of highlights that strike at the heart of our dilemma.

(pg16) Our Founders warned us that without a moral society liberty is unworkable. Though perfection is not achievable, liberty’s basic concept must be understood and accepted by the thought-leaders of society for it to succeed. Simply put, for a free society to exist, the government must protect the right of all persons to life, liberty, and property, and reject aggression as a tool for molding social and economic conciditions. The mess in which we today find ourselves has resulted from the majority of the people refusing to accept this basic rule of decency and honor.

(pg25) The goal orchestrated by the anti-police street violence, is not justice. It’s designed to promote political and economic chaos in order to usher in a radical Marxist political system which they falsely claim will be a utopian system.

(pg34) However, what was not yet understood was the devil’s ability, in this nearly 50 year period [since Nixon removed the last vestige of the gold standard in 1971] of free stuff, opulence, overweening power, and the people’s loss of a moral compass, to establish all the parameters needed to make it a cake-walk for Marxism to take over our entire economic and social system. The existing system of corporatism has become a close ally of modern-day Marxism, and even though they seem to be “strange bedfellows,” they are joined at the hip with the desire to share in the loot and power available to totalitarian governments.

(pg40) The problem with that approach [government imposing morality] is the process of the dictatorial rules to control personal behavior are all dependent on the immoral use of force by the special interests that have gained control over government. Constitutions, no matter how well written, cannot create a moral people. It is the people, not the government, who are responsible for saving America’s soul.

I have written about what can be done as an individual. But what should we expect from our leaders (Mr. Trump?) that could actually work in this fetid environment. Dr. Paul suggests two sites of action that I think could start the long process of regeneration of the body politic. He states that, (pg17) “What needs to be done with the monetary system is not complex. Replace it with honest money. Eliminate the Federal Reserve. Legalize competition.” I totally agree. Could’t the legal tender laws simply be repealed allowing complete open competition in money? Wouldn’t this eventually force the Federal Reserve in the direction of honest money. Dr. Paul also noted, (Pg43) “The day that the “nail in the coffin” ended the Republic, was November 22, 1963. The CIA assissinated John F. Kennedy on that date and carried out a successful coup. Subsequently even the illusion of the fake idealism of “Camelot” was smothered.” If Trump had really followed through on the release of documents still classified and emphasized the truth of this one event (and then also on the assassinations of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy) he might have blunted the ability of the deep state to continue their assault on his own presidency. He should still do this even at this late date.

The last line of the book is ominous (pg46), “We are indeed in uncharted waters surrounded by blood-thirsty sharks.” This analogy is in contrast to the classic analogy of frogs in a pot slowly brought to boil. Dr. Paul’s analogy gives me hope that people will finally recognize the danger of being in the water surrounded by sharks and act to protect themselves from this obvious danger. Perhaps the elites who have foisted this potential dystopia on us have gone too far too fast.

The Best of Ira Katz Ira Katz [send him mail] lives in Paris and works as a research engineer for a French company. He is the co-author of Handling Mr. Hyde: Questions and Answers about Manic Depression and Introduction to Fluid Mechanics.

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