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Your Declaration of Peace

Posted by M. C. on November 9, 2020

For 22 years Scott Horton has cried out against the war machine.

If the world had listened.

Trump has continued Obama and Bush’s wars, and the presumptive President Biden has vowed to continue the “war on terror.”

At the end of last year, Scott Horton wrote a letter laying out all of the missteps and machinations that led inevitably to September 11 and the never-ending terror war. Scott gained this knowledge by doing over 5,400 interviews with foreign policy experts and investigative journalists. He ends the letter by telling the one person who has the power to end these wars—enough already.

That person is you.

Your vote will not end the wars, endless war is bi-partisan. But your voice can.

Remove your consent. If enough individuals no longer consent to needless wars, the consensus that politicians need to wage war will dry up.

Scott has been debunking the lies of the war party on the radio since 1998. Sometimes Scott feels he is yelling alone, as if Americans are too busy to worry about American bombs falling on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. He’s not alone. He has you. We’re going to start emailing you regularly about Scott’s anti-war effort, and what you can do in the fight to end war.

Add your voice to his, and make our declaration of peace known.

Forward this email to your good-hearted friends who want to join us in calling for an end to war.
See Scott’s Archive of 5,400 Interviews
Innoculate others against war propaganda. Share this email.

Be seeing you

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