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A debunked conspiracy theory that will still destroy America

Posted by M. C. on November 20, 2020

Liberal Hawks and Idiot Imperialists, with Doug Bandow
Doug Bandow, senior fellow at the Cato Institute The American Empire is completely detached from the will of the American people. This has been made evident most recently as the U.S. military has stopped obeying its civilian leadership. For example: Jim Jeffrey, an American diplomat, lied to the President about troop numbers to keep America at war  Defense Secretary Mark Esper bragged in the “Military Times” about how he would ignore the President’s policies, and found out he could get away with it Horton used to think that those in power were conspiring to destroy America by overextending the U.S. dollar and the U.S. military. But the truth is that the American Empire is run by idiots. Heroic reporters like Michael Hastings have revealed the inner-world of the fools who rule us. Samantha Power, for example, got tired of “doing rinky-dink do-gooder stuff,” like protecting Christians in Iraq, so she plotted the overthrow of Libya so she could add an extra bullet point to her resume. “They make enough of a living building this crumbling empire that it’s worth it for them to not object and to continue to go along with this.” —Scott Horton To get into the minds of the next group of psychopaths who will be advising President Biden, like those who think we need to go back to supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, listen to the interview by clicking below. Listen to Interview Innoculate others against war propaganda. Share this email.

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