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Playbook for World Domination – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on November 30, 2020

By Ellen Finnigan

Do you have more money than you know what to do with? Do you have big dreams and connections in high places? Do I have a plan for you!

Getting Started

  • First, make a plan. World domination isn’t just going to fall into your lap. Read old school case studies like The Project for a New American Century and from more recently, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, the WHO’s Agenda 2030, ID2020 and UN Agenda 2030.
  • Create a crisis. It must be a “catastrophic and catalyzing event.” It will be easier to implement your plan in the chaos that follows. WINE BOTTLE GLASSES – … Buy New $25.99 (as of 04:43 EST – Details)
  • Fear is your friend. Paralyze them with fear. They’ll go along with anything.
  • The crisis should have mysterious foreign origins. Cave-dwelling terrorists in Afghanistan, cave-dwelling bats in Wuhan. For some reason, caves work, maybe something about their primitive connotations. Plus, it’s not like journalists are going to investigate something that happened in some God-forsaken foreign nation when they can earn a paycheck by “reporting” on what happened last night on Twitter from the comfort of their own beds.
  • But the place can’t be totally random. You’re going to need some connections in high places. Remember, Bush’s connections with Saudi Arabia, the CIA with Osama Bin Laden, Bill Gates with China, and Anthony Fauci with that Wuhan lab?
  • Psychologically prepare the population. This is most easily accomplished by making movies for the plebes. See Pearl Harbor (May 2001) and Pandemic (January 2020).
  • You need an “invisible enemythat “knows no borders,” one that is impossible to definitively eradicate. But don’t use terrorists or a virus again. That’s played out. You’ll have to come up with something bigger and better next time. Aliens might be cool.
  • Make the epicenter the Big Apple, because those folks are generally on our side and always easy to work with. Also, take a cue from Hollywood: Godzilla didn’t invade Charleston, and I Am Legend doesn’t take place in Helena. There is a reason for this.
  • Go big or go home. Is it likely that commercial airliners would manage to fly through some the most heavily defended airspace in the world and hit two buildings, 18 minutes apart, and the Pentagon? No — LOL! Is it likely that a virus would manage to escape one of the most highly secured and secretive labs in the entire world? Probably not. But the good news is: You don’t have to worry about what is likely or probable or believable. Just concern yourself with what is plausibly deniable and go from there. Seriously, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe, because they won’t be able to believe that someone would tell a lie that big. It’s all about chutzpah!
  • Plant a few seeds or make sure there is some precedent for the incredulous, like this and this.
  • Practice makes perfect! We recommend running some simulations, like the Pentagon Mass Casualty Project or the September 11 NORAD drills or Event 201. They can be good for cover or confusion or just for looking like you are trying to prepare for a crisis instead of planning one.


Now that you’re ready, you can trigger your “catastrophic and catalyzing” event. (D-Day stands for “Demo Day,” by the way. Ha ha.) Dragonfly Embossed Cob… Buy New $26.00 (as of 04:43 EST – Details)

  • Surprise, surprise. Condoleeza Rice and President Bush both said that no one could have imagined terrorists using planes as missiles! (Though the military had imagined and prepared for this very thing.) And even though the Wuhan lab had 1,500 viruses in its stockpile, the virus that caused the plandemic was of course totally unknown to mankind, like nobody knew how it worked and stuff. This is important, like whatever happens needs to seem to come out of nowhere.
  • Instantly associate your new crisis with an iconic old one, but don’t recreate the wheel. Humans have short memories. “Pearl Harbor” usually works. See The Boston Globe in September 2001, and The Boston Globe again in April 2020.
  • Provide instant answers and verbalize the plan immediately. By the afternoon of September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden’s face was plastered all over the television screen, and people were calling for war (the plan) shortly thereafter. With the virus, it was important to tell people immediately what it was, where it came from, and that there would be no hope in combatting it without a vaccine (the plan), right away. First impressions are important. After that, humans will for some reason just, like, go with it.


  • Re-traumatize through repetition. In 2001, television stations broadcasted the images of the towers collapsing over and over again for months. In 2020, no one could escape the daily reports on “cases.” Repetition is key. Don’t worry: We’ve laid the groundwork for you here. The media will dutifully repeat whatever you tell them, and then the humans will, in turn, repeat whatever they hear from the media. We didn’t call it “Operation Mockingbird” for nothing!
  • Make up slogans. Let’s roll! Never forget. Never again. These colors don’t run. Flatten the curve. Stay safe. Socially distance. Shelter in place. #wearadamnmask. You know, dumb crap like that.
  • You need some branding, something catchy to get people on board, something like “The War on Terror” or “The Great Reset.”
  • Promote unity. If someone questioned the events of September 11th he was deemed “unpatriotic.” If he questioned the narrative of COVID-1984, he was surely a sociopath! Next time, if shame doesn’t work, send them to a “re-education camp” or just start killing people, ideally in public.
  • The all-seeing eye. After September 11: “If you see something, say something” and “Report suspicious activity.” After the virus, people started snitching on their neighbors who were having a birthday party or playing football in the park.
  • Allow virtue signaling. Give people a way to show their buy-in, like by wearing an American flag on their lapel or donning a face diaper. Just make sure it’s easy, because people will do anything to seem like a good person, but not if it’s hard.
  • Tell them everything has changed. Use terms like “post-9/11” and the “New Normal.” The crisis must be characterized as a watershed event that will forever change the way they live (key word being “they”… ha ha.)
  • Never look back. Discourage reflection and “how did we get here” conversations, like about “blowback” or the ethics of engaging in biological warfare research or the pervasive problem of generally weakened immune systems from nutrition-less, GMO foods. People should only look forward (to the war/vaccine), never back. Pint Glasses by Black … Buy New $28.00 (as of 04:43 EST – Details)
  • Combat dissent. For anyone who 1) points out the published agendas in written documents, 2) speaks about large gatherings of powerful elites like Davos Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, etc., 3) dares to speak aloud the names of conspirators or the organizations they fund and associate with, 3) questions the origins of the crisis, or 4) urges prudence instead of haste, 5) calls attention to the downsides of the plan, 6) questions the plan in anyway, censor them, call them “conspiracy theorists” or say that they want to “do nothing” in a time of crisis.

Moving towards implementation, you must create the right environment.

  • The threat must be ongoing. After September 11, they used an ever-changing, color-coded warning system. After the virus, they did this too. In both cases there were constant reports of “break-outs” and predictions of a second wave, and ongoing “scientific discoveries” like: “It causes brain damage!” or “It causes infertility!” or “People who walk their dogs are 78% more likely to get the virus!”
  • Create logical chaos. For a thinking person, there is nothing so maddening. For example, in 2001, people were told that the fires from jet fuel were so hot that they could cause steel structures to collapse and disintegrate into dust, yet one of the terrorists’ passports was supposedly found lying on the ground. People were told the terrorists were in Afghanistan but “we” needed to invade Iraq. People were told the virus could live on surfaces for up to two weeks, but then it couldn’t. It wasn’t necessary to wear a mask, but then it was. Asymptomatic people could transmit the virus, then only pre-symptomatic people could. The virus could spread at anti-lockdown protests but not at BLM protests. This kind of thing will drive thinking people crazy. Good. That’s what you want.
  • Create social chaos. Thinking people will spend hours, years, decades, trying to figure out the truth, sharing the latest information, and then arguing, especially on social media, about what is true and what is not. Keep them arguing over the truth of what really happened while you implement the plan.
  • Ignore, play down protests and it will be like they didn’t happen. Most people had no idea of the extent of the protests against the invasion of Iraq, or about the extent of the protests against the lockdowns. So when the plan proceeded unimpeded, it didn’t strike many as being against the will of the people.
  • Make people feel physically insecure and unsafe. After September 11, they unleashed the Anthrax scare. After the virus, they funded the BLM and Antifa riots, started race wars, and worked toward color revolution. While Rome is burning, you will be calmly implementing your plan.

As you implement the plan:

  • Manufacture evidence. The intelligence agencies were pressured to “find” the evidence that would support the plan to invade Iraq; just like hospitals and doctors were bribed or pressured to report the cause of deaths as COVID-1984.
  • Dismiss family ties as conspiracy theory. George W. Bush was the son of Herbert Walker Bush, former President and head of the CIA (who didn’t remember where he was the day Kennedy died), had waged a previous war against Saddam Hussein, and had publicly called for a “new world order,” yet the “War on Terror” could have nothing to do with any of that. Bill Gates came from a family of eugenicists, engaged in dishonest business practices his whole life, and publicly called for population reduction and control, but this vaccine could have nothing to do with any of that. Glassware Set of 4 Bir… Buy New $49.95 (as of 04:43 EST – Details)
  • Move at warp speed. The post-September 11 cries that we must “Do something!” fueled the rush to war. The panic over the virus fueled “Operation Warp Speed,” the push for a vaccine. The wreckage at the World Trade Center was carted off and sold to China before anyone could blink. Likewise, there was no time to investigate Gates’ and Fauci’s ties to the Wuhan lab, how the virus escaped, whether the virus was manmade, the fraudulent testing and reporting, and certainly no time to for the necessary trials to test the vaccine before it went to market.
  • Mission creep: Just like the need to bomb the caves in Afghanistan where the terrorists supposedly dwelled led to the invasion for Iraq, and then the occupation of both countries for decades, so “fourteen days to flatten the curve” led to six months of “lockdown” and economic devastation and, then, the need to stop climate change, to move to digital currency, to usher in the fourth industrial revolution and trans-humanism.
  • Get the Catholic Church on your side. One way to do this might be to have a major paper publish drop a perfectly timed bombshell that exposes the largest sex scandal in history, thereby discrediting them, embroiling them in controversy, and preoccupying them with lawsuits for the foreseeable future so they can’t, or won’t, speak out against war. If you can’t do that, buy their silence with millions of dollars. Like the folks in NYC, the people at the top of the USCCB have proven historically very easy to work with: They didn’t bring up Just War Theory when the U.S. government invaded Iraq, and they didn’t bring up fetal tissue from aborted babies when they pushed the vaccine.

Now is the time for a power grab. Just like everything and anything could be justified in the name of national security after September 11, 2001, everything and anything could be justified in the name of public health in the wake of COVID-1984, including the following:

  • Increase surveillance and trampling of civil rights: There was the Patriot Act in the wake of September 11th and “contact tracing” in the wake of the virus.
  • Install new government busybodies: Like the TSA, then contact tracers.
  • Censor! Silence anyone who criticizes or questions the government’s narrative, even those – especially those — who are well qualified in related fields, such as doctors, immunologists, structural engineers, and architects. Refer to all as “conspiracy theorists” and put them all on a media blacklist.
  • Rake in obscene profits. The military-industrial complex on the one hand, BigPharma and the Davos billionaires on the other. Luckily these two massive industries eventually blended, with DARPA and the Department of Defense involved in the developing and deploying of the vaccine. With Big Military, Big Tech, and Big Pharma all blending, things things are getting harder for people to sort out. That’s good!

Psy-ops are necessary to psychologically condition the population for your long term plan.

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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