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Scott predicts his own death

Posted by M. C. on December 15, 2020

“I’m afraid that that’s how I’m gonna die 30 years from now. I’ll be sitting there arguing why we gotta get out of Afghanistan, and drop dead of a damn heart attack.”

Scott joked with Danny Sjursen in their recent interview:

The joke is in reference to Richard Holbrook, who actually dropped dead of a heart attack while arguing to get out of Afghanistan in front of Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan. Listen to the Interview Jake Sullivan is Biden’s new national security advisor. He worked with Clinton on the Libyan war, and he sent a notorious email revealing that the U.S. was fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda in Syria.

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One Response to “Scott predicts his own death”

  1. Time to buy a AED and some atropine/2pamcloride

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