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Face Masks, Lockdowns, & Geography: Are You Obedient to Your Values or Are You Obedient to Your Comfort? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 23, 2021

All human prosperity rests on the ability of a place to provide for its people to be free.

The place you live in is set upon destroying you and destroying itself.

I beg of you to leave that place, but only after you’ve exhausted every option.

Dear Mr. Stevo,

After reading “When You Assume….,” (and many of your previous articles), I find I must ask a simple question, one I have been unable to resolve on my own and without Miss Tilly.

Since I do not live in the USA, the rules here are different. There are no government mandates about mask-wearing. Each office or company or commercial organization is free to make their own rules. The result is that all grocery stores require masks to be worn or you are not allowed into the store. The same applies on public transport and taxis. There are no exemptions.

Of course, as far as optional shopping is concerned, I now no longer enter other stores that require masks, but I do need to eat, and, since I live in a big city, I need to use public transportation, because I have neither a car nor a bicycle.

But it is not just about me: Food stores that have allowed un-masked customers in have been closed by the police. So if I were to brazen my way in, it could lead to consequences for the owners and employees that I am hesitant to inflict on them. And asking others to don their masks and do my shopping for me cannot be a moral solution.

So my question is simply: Do you believe that, despite the circumstances where I live, the only moral stance is that I refuse to enter stores requiring mask-wearing, and not use public transport? Or is your stance reflective of where you are, and more a symbol of the necessity to start somewhere refusing to go along?

Up to now, it has seemed to me that one must do battle in the best way possible in the circumstances in which one finds oneself, so I do put on a muzzle to buy food. This keeps me strong so I can continue organizing a group to mount a legal challenge to the rampant RT-PCR testing and government imposed restrictions.

Your thought will be most appreciated.




Thank you so much for your note.

The great book of our civilization tells the story of Noah and his family, doing something so out of place for their time. They so adeptly survived through that difficult period and ultimately prospered. The story of Lot tells of a righteous man who left a place that was soon to be destroyed.

See the rest here

Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia ( He is the author of How to Win America, The Bitcoin Manifesto, and numerous other books.

Be seeing you

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