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Why I converted to Catholicism – Aussie Nationalist Blog

Posted by M. C. on January 28, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic had manifested our inherent disposition towards truth and ultimate authority. Despite the collapse of religious belief, people continue to place complete trust in perceived truths and sources of authority higher than their subjective selves. But rather than a priest as the source, this authority is now sought out from the mainstream media, the trending page on Twitter, along with compliant politicians and medical ‘experts’.

While this phenomenon is not an argument directly in favour of Catholicism, it does imply the truth is real and can be found in something specific. This specific truth, in my submission, exists in the Catholic faith.

Aussie Nationalist

Late last year I converted to Catholicism out of a firm belief in its truth. As such, I will below outline the logical basis for this conclusion.


But first, a disclaimer: I only seriously began considering this field two years ago and have no particular expertise in Christian or Catholic apologetics. In evaluating the truth claims of Catholicism, as opposed to this post, it would be more instructive to read the works of those who have studied this field for decades. To this end, at the bottom of the post, I will list those books that tangentially influenced my conversion; directly influenced my conversion; and provided spiritual as well as intellectual guidance during the conversion and immediate aftermath.

This want of expert knowledge is why in parts below, rather than bungling intricate theological concepts, I simply refer to the works of expert authors for a more comprehensive explanation. This is only a personal account from a recent convert; by no means is it a claimed authority on all the good reasons in support of Catholic truth.

Also and to be sure, unaided reason is insufficient by itself for inducing a conversion. Rather, to accept the foregoing arguments at least two preconditions must be fulfilled. The first of these is an open heart; the second, an understanding that Catholicism (or religious belief more generally) can bring tangible life benefits. Absent the fulfillment of these conditions in any atheist reader, the below arguments will be most certainly dismissed. 


There are three grounds on which I came to believe in the truth of Catholicism. These included:

1. There exists a monotheistic God who is the ultimate cause of all things.

2. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Christianity is true.

3. Catholicism is the true expression of Christianity.

Below, I will set out the main points in support of these three grounds. It is submitted that these points, considered *cumulatively*, prove the truth of each ground beyond reasonable doubt. Meaning, that when all of the points under each respective ground are considered together, their collective explanatory value renders each ground true. From the fulfillment of grounds 1, 2 and 3, logical necessity dictates Catholicism to be the true religion.

Ground one: There exists a monotheistic God who is the ultimate cause of all things

1. The Five Ways:

See the rest here

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