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Government Unhinged: No Constitutional Restraints, Just Executive Orders!

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2021

In just 9 days, President Biden has signed a record 40 executive orders, actions and directives. This is a far cry from the schoolbook instructions on “How a bill becomes a law.” Is this what “our democracy” has come to mean? The stroke of a pen? Where’s the U.S. Constitution?

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2 Responses to “Government Unhinged: No Constitutional Restraints, Just Executive Orders!”

  1. lfrogers said

    Remember when President signed Executive Orders? Didn’t he turn them around to photographed? Has anyone actually seen the actual Executive Orders Biden is signing? I would like to see at least one. Besides, the way I understand it, he can sign as many phony orders he wants and it won’t make any difference at all. He can keep his country D.C.

  2. megatronsthinktank said

    end lockdown pls and end masksduty and end vaccination now pls, it’s murder. I say this nicely, senk you. pardon assange, if I may say so, and pardon Navalny, or I don’t play with humanity anymore. i then will just go my own way, come what may. then all other people are in the shit.

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