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Winners and Losers

Posted by M. C. on January 31, 2021

Banking as we know it, for example, is finished… thanks to digital technology.

[Editor’s Note: Today we continue our short series of articles from Simon Black, the Founder of which specializes in crafting a Plan B to protect your freedom and wealth. Enjoy!]
January 30, 2021Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico
History shows that in any episode of great turmoil, there are always winners and losers.
I learned that by taking some basic, sensible steps, it’s possible to drastically eliminate my exposure to the risks and avoid being a loser.
So no matter what happens or how crazy things get, I know I’ll be OK.
For years I’ve called this my “Plan B”.
I know I won’t be worse off for being able to grow my own organic food, holding some savings in a well-capitalized bank outside of my home government’s jurisdiction, or keeping some physical gold and cash.
Having another passport gives me more freedom to live, work, and travel.
Legally reducing my tax burden helps me vote my conscience with my dollars and put my money where my mouth is.
I’ve learned that all of these steps make sense no matter what happens. Or doesn’t happen.
But should the negative trend in freedom and global finance get worse, I know I’ll be OK.
This confidence has allowed me to focus on all the incredible opportunities I’ve seen.
Institutions that have existed for centuries are now being disrupted by digital technology.
Banking as we know it, for example, is finished… thanks to digital technology.
The digital age is even changing the way we organize ourselves as a society.
Geography no longer matters, and nearly everything is global.
A billion people are rising into the middle class in Asia and Africa. Countries are emerging from war and isolation. Wealth and power are shifting.
These extraordinary changes bring extraordinary opportunity.
So as crazy as things are, I think this is an incredibly exciting time to be alive.
I’m grateful to be active in a time that future scholars will likely regard as one of the most tumultuous and revolutionary in history.
And I’m grateful for having started the philosophical journey that began all the way back in 2003.
Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you how you can take back control of your life and thrive in a world of chaos. 
To your freedom and prosperity,Simon BlackFounder,

Be seeing you

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