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#What’s It All About, Tony?#

Posted by M. C. on February 1, 2021

In 1890 William Stewart Halsted pioneered the use of rubber gloves and surgical face masks, although some European surgeons such as Paul Berger and Jan Mikulicz-Radecki had worn cotton gloves and masks earlier. These masks became commonplace after World War I and the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.[36][37] Cloth face masks were promoted by Wu Lien-teh in the 1910–11 Manchurian pneumonic plague outbreak, although Western medics doubted their efficacy in preventing the spread of disease.[38]


Think of all the surgeries, especially your own, since 1890 where only one layer was used. It is a wonder there is anyone left alive.

130 years later the CDC and WHO still can’t figure out how to use a surgical mask(s). The CDC and it’s minions look more ridiculous every day.

Testing anything living or dead for COVID, to jack up the fear factor, has exposed the incompetence these organizations. They must do something to look like they are doing something besides making a bad situation worse.

Speaking of testing car crash and bus fatalities…one wonders what one would discover if one were tested for staphylococcus, TB, meningitis or any latent malcontent lying in wait inside the mouth or wherever the swab is taken.

Wikipedia would have to expand it’s definition of “co-morbidity”.

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