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USA Today Publishes Fact-Check On Whether A Priest, A Rabbi, And A Minister Really Walked Into A Bar Together

Posted by M. C. on April 24, 2021

U.S.—After hearing someone tell a questionable story about how a priest, a rabbi, and a minister walked into a bar together, USA Today published a 1,200-word fact check on the tall tale.

Citing over 15 sources to cast doubt on the story, USA Today handily dismantled the fib. 

“It is clear, after reviewing the evidence, that a priest, a rabbi, and a minster could not have walked into a bar together as the storyteller claimed,” the piece read. “They are unlikely to have agreed on a place to have a drink, as the rabbi would have required a kosher restaurant. Furthermore, the so-called ‘joke’ suggested the minister was a Baptist, and he wouldn’t go to a bar. Well, not without a disguise anyway.”

“The Catholic priest might go throw a few back, that’s true,” the fact-checker conceded. “But not alongside the rabbi and the minister.”

The fact-check called into question numerous elements of the joke, such as the part where a UFO showed up and deposited a cow in the bar and the part where Prince walked in. “Wikipedia says Prince has been dead for years, so that part is immediately questionable.”

USA Today found the story “false” and will receive a Pulitzer Prize for the publication’s amazing journalism.

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