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Don’t Just Yell At Government Meetings — Make Your Yelling Effective! – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 25, 2021

By Allan Stevo

Dear Allan,

Thank you so much!  You will be happy to know that I have pulled my son and we are enjoying an early summer break “unschooling” and I WILL NOT stop fighting. 

The more I go the more I learn about the injustice and the freedoms we are letting them take away.  I’m reaching out to as many legislators as will talk to me I have a fairly large parent group organized we have stood outside the school buildings getting signatures, mailing affidavits to board members, superintendents, and legislators.  

Our board meeting is May 17th and I can’t wait to let you know how it goes but we are ready to take them down!  The first step in changing this world is starting with our small town.  

I appreciate you getting back to me it definitely will help keep me motivated for the days ahead.  

Deepest thanks,

A Mother Getting Ready To Win 


Dear readers, please share this piece. Men and women are rising up and demanding they be heard by their elected officials and that the tyranny of the past year come to an end and now. Please share this by text message, email, and other media with every person you know who is currently speaking before boards of supervisors, county committees, city councils, school boards, and other government commissions or legislation bodies. In doing so, you will have done them a great strategic favor in thinking through how their important efforts can be magnified even further. 


Awesome things happened in Vail, Arizona last month as parents shut down a meeting in which they felt unrepresented.

Moments like this embolden the participants, inspire others, and may put fear into the heart of an opponent. But they do not necessarily move the needle.

The reason for this is that so many people in positions of power have been trained to follow procedure and to say “I can’t,” “My hands are tied,” or “I’m just following the law.” They are obsessed with the procedure and numb to the spirit.

If there is not a procedural matter before them and on the agenda, no matter how rowdy things get, many officials will resort to a sense of “duty” as they follow the procedures of the committee. Not everyone does that, but once someone digs their heels in and starts talking about duty, they become nearly immovable — you and I should know that better than anyone. Do you read these pages because they make you rich, or do you read these pages because they make you better, more duty focussed, more upright, more honorable?

If you’re reading these pages duty, honor, and living an upright life are probably important to you.

Once a person has dug in and declared that duty is what holds them to inaction, no matter how wrong they are and no matter how much they agree with the vocal room of people asking them to do otherwise, it becomes very hard to convince a person to not do his duty. For many elected officials that means following the rules as they know them.

Duty can be a powerful friend to freedom and a powerful enemy. If you just say “they are corrupt,” throw your hands in there are and stop there, you miss many opportunities to win victories big and small.

Am I saying that corrupt politicians don’t exist? Absolutely not. They are all around us. Yet even the corrupt can be swayed. Am I saying that you shouldn’t yell at a government meeting? Absolutely not. Someone doing wrong deserves all the passion and vitriol you can give them. Am I saying that I have all the answers? Nope. I’ve won a few battles though. Am I saying that this works every time? Definitely not.

What I’m saying is that if speaking at government meetings is important to you, then look over this list and familiarize yourself with any process you aren’t already participating in. Most people I meet who care about this topic are benefitted by the pointers offered here. What I’m saying is that I want you to be even more effective at defending your freedom, because I know how that can ripple out into the world. I’m a firm believer that other people defending their own freedom are also defending my freedom.

Even though you probably aren’t trying to defend my freedom, I’d like to thank you for that dear freedom fighter, because you are doing exactly that. And as I see more of the technocratic madness of 2020 shift into the victories of 2021 by my compatriots, victories that may leave us even more free, I see that the tide is turning, that we are winning, and that it is time to close on these victories.

I’m going to give a school district below as an example, but it will work approximately the same on any government board. I offer this to anyone approaching a board to sway their opinion.

1.) Do an internet search for the school district. The district probably has a website or at least a page on some other institution’s website.

2.) That website should have some pages about the school board.

3.) That website should have some information about administrative staff. Initially you are looking for the administrative staff of the entire board and not of the individual board members.

See the rest here

Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia ( He is the author of How to Win America, The Bitcoin Manifesto, and numerous other books.

Be seeing you

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