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Anarcho-Monarchy: Your Property is Your Kingdom

Posted by M. C. on June 21, 2021

In fact, under a typical government, there is no private property. If you can lose your house for failure to pay property taxes, that’s not your property. The government is renting it to you, like a lord allowing a peasant to work his lands in exchange for tribute.

In contrast, under common law, private property is generally recognized under a two fold test: 1) were you the first person to occupy the land (or acquire it without coercion from the previous legitimate owner) and 2) did you improve the land?

If government services were transacted exclusively in the free market, we would be living under an umbrella system of anarcho-capitalism. Under such a free market for governance, we would see many different types of societies emerge, and one may be anarcho-monarchism. That is an extreme form of private property, where by owning land, you become the exclusive sovereign over that land. You own it, you set the rules. In this video, I explain how that would work.

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