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Posted by M. C. on June 22, 2021

By eric

I sometimes miss going to the Sweet Donkey Coffee Shop, the little cafe in Roanoke, VA where I used to spend a few hours working on my laptop practically every day – until a day around this time last year, when I was told I was no longer welcome there because I was unwilling to stop showing my face – i.e., to  perform the sickening ritual affirming the hideous lie that has turned the country half crazy – and the other half angry for objecting to being pressured to pretend they share in the crazy, by looking just like the crazies.

But I am no longer missing the money I used to spend at the Donk, every day.

The sum isn’t small, though it was incrementally so.

Each day I went there, I generally got at least one cup of coffee – which cost an astounding-in-retrospect $3 per. Plus tax, as Elvis once said. Refills were another buck and I almost always got at least one of those, too. Plus usually a cookie, on account of it being very hard for me to resist those, especially when I am trying to write – the cookie’s cost justified to myself as necessary cost of doing business and the cookie itself my Pavlovian reward for getting it done.

The cookies cost about $3 each, too – which seems (which is) expensive, no matter how “artisanal” but as anyone who has a sweet tooth knows, it is very hard to think about the price of a cookie when you just want that cookie  . . . and there it is. Plus, they were really good cookies – and so was the coffee. I genuinely enjoyed both as well as being there. And then – just like that – I no longer was.

And neither was my money.

I suddenly had noticeably more of it.

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