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Libertarian and Green Party Being Excluded from Motor Voter Registration

Posted by M. C. on June 30, 2021

Over the weekend the LPPA has received multiple concerning reports. It seems that the Libertarian and Green party are being excluded from “Motor Voter” registration access. One member provided photo evidence. Under Pennsylvania law both Minor and Major parties are to be listed as a registration option to anyone that wishes to affiliate when being issued a license at a PennDOT. As such PennDOT is in violation of Motor Voter laws since both parties had secured Minor party status in the 2020 general election.

We had hoped this was an isolated incident as it has been in the past however, we are skeptical.

The LPPA needs your help. Our Legal Action Committee is working the issue but the more reports we get, the better. If this has happened to you, please report the date and location to the LPPA immediately. Also please notify your Legislator’s constituent services. We must address ballot access issues as both constituents and a pollical party.

Please report these to both your local affiliate and

You can find your affiliate’s contact information at:

– Media Relations Commitee

mediarelations@lppa.org3915 UNION DEPOSIT RD # 223
HARRISBURG, PA 17109-5922
United States

Be seeing you

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