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Deprogram Yourself From the Mistaken Belief You Have No Immunity Against Pathogenic Viruses, and Must Rely on Vaccination To Avoid Death – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 1, 2021

Unexpectedly, a study in Israel, a well-vaccinated country, found natural immunity from infection was superior to protection offered by currently  available vaccines.

By Bill Sardi

Write the following on a chalk board, or type it at your computer, or write it out in long-hand fifty times so as to de-program YOURSELF from the false notion that you need to solely rely on vaccines to immunize against any and all pathogenic viruses and bacteria.  Here is your deprogramming script:

I  (N A M E) have come to realize I have a built-in immune system that is able to respond to every strain of pathogenic virus or bacterium and will provide natural long-term immunity for me against the COVID-19 coronavirus and other pathogens that are now circulating in human populations around the world;

… that all prior human societies would have vanished from the Earth if humans were not internally equipped with an overwhelmingly powerful immune system.

…that the highly infectious laboratory-produced/ five-times gain-of-function/ coronavirus, which in reality is a bio-weapon, has already infected most societies and produced herd immunity with accompanying antibodies, which diminishes the value of vaccination, and as I now recognize, needlessly exposes me to problematic vaccine side effects;

…and more important, that I probably have already developed long-term immunity against this pathogen and therefore may not require nor benefit from vaccination.

See the rest here

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