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Just What Is the Hidden Agenda Behind the U.S. Military Order for Anti-Aging Pills? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 12, 2021

When the military says this pill is intended to “enhance the mission readiness of our forces,” one wonders if this is just another carrot globalists are offering to those who comply with their onerous demands. If you are a good boy and girl you will get the anti-ageing pill.  If you don’t comply with the new social order, you won’t get the anti-ageing pill.

By Bill Sardi with Matthew Sardi

The average length of service for enlisted personnel in the US military is just under 15 years.  The average age of enlistment in the US army is ~ age 21 and the average age of US army enlisted men and women is ~age 27.  Only ~9% of army personnel are over age 40.  These troops have barely begun to age biologically.  So, what’s the impetus to introduce an anti-aging pill in today’s military?

The US  Military’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM) intends to test an experimental pill as “smart weaponry” to enhance performance in the battlefield. News headlines portray this as a nutraceutical that will stave off the effects of ageing on older soldiers.

“It has the capacity, if successful, to actually prevent ageing and hasten recovery from injury as well as enhance mental function,” say news reports.

A spokesperson for SOCOM said “this is about improving the mission willingness of our troops.”

Is an anti-aging pill going to be a carrot to get young Americans to enlist in the military?  A modern fighting force will likely be removed from the battlefield while AI confronts an enemy.  There would be more emphasis on mental acuity than physical endurance.  An anti-aging pill would offer both.

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