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County Religious Exemptions-Follow The Money?

Posted by M. C. on August 28, 2021

Doug Casey: There’s not much question about it. First, let me draw your attention to an important fundamental: the type of people who go into government. It doesn’t matter if it’s national, state, county, or city government.

They’re the kind of people who think they know what’s best for others and like bossing them around. They see the virus as a great opportunity to make themselves important and to cement themselves in power. They want to deconstruct America. The phrase “build back better” is being used not just by people in the new Biden regime but by people all over the world.

Doug Casey-International Man

Suppose you were a government school district (see comment above) with debt or just a predilection for building Taj Mahals and were at the mercy of unions and associations (see comment above). You can see it happening already, the tax base that supports government schools is bailing out to private, religious, home based schools to avoid mask mandates.

Religious exemption is a big problem. How to make the ignorant, unwashed masses (freedom and liberty proponents) divest themselves of their slovenly ways, obey and keep the tax base steady without blaming the school board (see comment above).

Go to county government (see comment above), plead your case as an “unnamed” school district with no specific reasoning for universal masking. Bingo: Government (not school district) forced obedience, same taxes, the Health Department (see comment above) is more than happy to help, the chief media fearmonger has more fodder for his keyboard. All is good and you-government school district-remain “unnamed”.

Fear not parents that have already moved to better pastures. Your move will not be in vain.

These are just the fictional ramblings of a poor scribbler. Any resemblance to actual persons, places or events is up to you.

Be seeing you

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