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‘COVID Zero’ New Zealand has completed its transformation into a full-blown Police State – by Jordan Schachtel – The Dossier

Posted by M. C. on September 4, 2021

The country’s police and military services are installing security checkpoints throughout New Zealand in an effort to make sure citizens are not traveling during the lockdown. Freely traveling during the lockdown now carries a massive fine and/or prison sentence as punishment.

Jordan Schachtel Investigative journalist.

New Zealand, the last of the dedicated “COVID Zero” nations on earth, has completed its transformation into a full-blown tyrannical regime, and shockingly, it has come with the consent of the vast majority of Kiwis. Trötter @Trtter6@janhoglund Meanwhile, A poll conducted by Kantar and published by The New Zealand Herald shows 85 percent of Kiwis support the elimination goal, compared with 13 percent arguing to “live with” the virus.<= Publicerad idag Kiwis back Covid elimination strategy: pollNew Zealanders have signalled overwhelming support for Jacinda Ardern’s Covid-19 elimination strategy, even as the country endures another lockdown…

Once hailed as the media and “public health experts’” favorite COVID-19 managerial “success story,” the puff pieces have been increasingly hard to find, as Wellington has spawned a dystopian concoction of insane, despotic government edicts, claimed as an absolutely necessary part of their everlasting fight against a disease with a 99.8% recovery rate. nzherald @nzheraldExclusive: Dr Anthony Fauci on why NZ ‘rose to the top’ in Covid battle…Image

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