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Watch the Government and Media’s Credibility Crumble

Posted by M. C. on September 20, 2021

Click here to watch: Watch the Government and Media’s Credibility Crumble

I’m back after a brief hiatus.

YouTube deleted my last video for COVID misinformation (I literally read information from the CDC), around the same time that Puerto Rico, where I live, implemented a vaccine passport, and the Biden Administration increased its use of unconstitutional dictatorial edicts to rule.

This all can be overwhelming. But there are some signs that the tide is shifting against the authoritarians. How much longer can they expect people to trust, or even listen to institutions like the Federal Reserve, media, military, scientists– which as I discuss in today’s video, have all shown massive conflicts of interest, just over the past few weeks.

After spending my free time reading Stoicism and Buddhist meditation, I decided the only solution is to forge ahead with building parallel economies to replace the collapsing and untrustworthy institutions we currently rely on.

I get into this a bit at the end of the video, and there will be much more on the subject to come.

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