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Asante’ Rogue Regional Abandons 454 Employees, 180 Nurses, Pays Travelers Double, Harasses Contractors. – Southern Oregon First

Posted by M. C. on October 18, 2021

Asante’ Rogue Regional Abandons 454 Employees, 180 Nurses, Pays Travelers Double, Harasses Contractors.

by Ryan Mallory

Local staff members at the largest hospital in the region will serve their last day tomorrow: Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Medford, Oregon: October 16, 2021 – Asante is the owner of Rogue Regional Hospital, the largest medical facility in the region.  The organization has recently come under scrutiny, due to draconian vaccination policies and the board’s unwillingness to stand up for it’s employees.  The same employees have served the community tirelessly throughout the pandemic.  No religious or medical exemptions have been allowed, resulting in law suits being filed against the state of Oregon and other entities.

With 454 employees to be put on permanent leave without pay, 180 of them are nurses.  Asante’ contractors are now being forced to take the vaccine or have their contracts terminated.  An administrative employee, that has regular access to board information, shared this with Southern Oregon First:

“I can confirm that, as of last Thursday, there will be a minimum of 454 positions lost at RRMC alone. This does not include TRMC in GP or all the outlying APP clinics. I can also state that Asante is paying the highest wages for traveling nurses in the NATION. While those wages go through a third party contractor, Asante is still paying those contracts the highest price in the US right now. There will also be a substantial impact to the community beyond the loss of healthcare employees. Asante has extended the mandate to any vendor or contractors that enter an Asante occupied building in which employees and/or patients are present. This means that our local contractors that perform service work such as contracted electrical work, plumbing work, painting, medical equipment repair, refrigeration repair and cleaning services and such, are also required to be vaccinated or else they will no longer be able to be inside an Asante building. Asante has depended on our local small businesses to complete service work for them for many years, and to some, Asante is their biggest client. Asante has now disposed of them as well. Asante claims this decision was made for the safety of the “community” but they are decimating the same community they proclaim to be protecting.

At one point over 2000 community members including medical workers showed up at Rogue Regional hospital to protest the lack of medical freedom and abuse of employees through bullying and harassment at the hands of other staff members and leaders.

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