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Posted by M. C. on October 31, 2021

Walter Block wisdom


A hypothetical area of land and/or water where the society is under a Libertarian system of Anarchy known as Anarcho-Capitalism, which is used as a short-hand to ask theoretical questions of how society might function under Anarcho-Capitalism.

Walter E. Block

Subject: Ancapistan question

Good morning Walter,

If I may, I have a question or two about the fabled Ancapistan and the inspection of restaurants.

I’ve heard you mention inspections for various businesses would be well tended to by insurance companies.  That makes sense and I follow that thinking.

Might it also be so that banks, accepting that in Ancapistan some kind of institution for lending and savings exists, would be a useful agent for ensuring restaurants are well maintained and don’t make the customers sick?

Perhaps a variable loan rate or adjustable payments according to some metric to be determined about sustained safe weeks or months?

Hope you are well in this very turbulent time.  I find myself up and down day to day.

Thanks for your help,

Be well,


Dear Dann:

This is a contrary to fact hypothetical empirical issue. It is difficult to predict. My prudential judgement says that the probabilities are in this order:

1.private restaurant rating agencies, similar to Consumer Reports, or Good Housekeeping Seals of approval companies


Best regards,


Be seeing you

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