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Biden’s Incompetent Presidency – A Feature, Not a Bug

Posted by M. C. on November 22, 2021

That is the hardest red pill to swallow in the end for too many at this point. The incompetence of the Biden Administration is itself a lie. These people have an agenda and a goal and they have moved with assiduous speed and deftness to implement that agenda.

They are not incompetent, but rather hyper-competent… at being vandals.

and it tells you who is in charge when the CIA is sent in to mop up the state department’s mess.

Author: Tom Luongo

I won’t blame anyone if they are confused by the actions of the Biden Administration. To any rational person they beggar belief. If these people are supposed to work for the betterment of all Americans how can they act in such openly hypocritical ways?

The first of many executive orders Biden signed on day one of his Presidency was cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. We can argue all day about whether we need Keystone or not. But the market is telling you that we do.

When Biden signed that EO oil closed at $53.13 per barrel. Natural Gas was $2.49 per million BTU and the national averages for gasoline and diesel fuel were $2.379 and $2.696 per gallon.

Today those numbers are $76.10, $5.109, $3.399 and $3.734. In the case of crude oil and natural gas, those numbers are 20% below their peak at the beginning of the month.

Instead of improving the domestic production environment or working with international leaders to improve the global supply and demand mismatch, Biden and company doubled down trying to get the Enbridge No. 5 pipeline from Canada shut down to starve the Great Lakes region of energy this winter.

Now, having stayed the course on Trump’s ridiculous treatment of Venezuela and further deteriorating our relationship with Russia we are now not only more dependent on foreign oil than we’ve been in years but we’re actually more dependent on Russian oilthan we’ve ever been.

As a fleet of Russian ships steam their way across the Atlantic, not full of hard-assed, stone-faced Russian marines and Spetsnaz troops, but millions of barrels of Urals grade medium sour to feed those Gulf Coast refineries Venezuela used to keep filled.

I wonder if we pay for that oil with petrorubles. If I were President Putin, I would demand that just for the lulz.

After four years of President Trump’s overly belligerent foreign policy towards China Biden’s team of ‘diplomats’ committed gaffe after gaffe with our biggest trade partner and rival. First at the summit in Anchorage and then multiple times over handling the sensitive issue of Taiwan.

Now, after a series of terrible phone calls, cables and visits by U.S. officials to the Pacific region we are treated to this:

A U.S. effort to show unity between two of its closest allies backfired, after Japanese and South Korean officials walked out and left the No. 2 American diplomat to face reporters on her own— Bloomberg Politics (@bpolitics) November 18, 2021

When the protocol-obsessed Japanese and Koreans, whose safety you are supposed to guarantee, refuse to share a stage with you, you basically suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls (H/T Lt. Garlic!).

On relations with Russia, one day they are sending Arch Neocon Victoria Nuland to Moscow who then declares for the first time by a U.S. official that the Minsk agreements the only way forward for Ukraine. The next Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is in Kiev vowing to assist Ukraine in bringing the breakaway republics of the Donbass back under Kiev’s control.

A position reaffirmed by top brass in NATO and the European Union.

Only to have CIA Director William Burns rush back over to try and smooth the Kremlin’s ruffled feathers, mostly to no avail.

See the rest here

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