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Fauci ‘fesses up

Posted by M. C. on November 22, 2021

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Fauci Now Claims The Vax Doesn’t Protect Against Serious Covid!

The skyrocketing “cases” and death rate (always a questionable figure) of the vaccinated vs unwashed, unvaxxed, raises questions that are obvious even to me.

As vaxxed “cases” and “deaths” are climbing faster than unvaxxed, does the “vaccine” actually inhibit the bodies fight against the virus?

As I understand it the “vaccines” do not kill the virus but suppress symptoms. Does the live virus fester in the vaxxed body and figure out (evolve) how to suppress the vaccine and get stronger in the process? Does the virus perform gain of function on itself?

Or both?

One Response to “Fauci ‘fesses up”

  1. mickmar21 said

    I reckon this is just another round in the pandemic converstion that tells us to not believe what they told us yesterday and to believe what they tell us today and then hint that what they tell us tomorrow is going to change from the facts of today.

    Misinformation is manipulation and this is being enacted on a grand scale globally.

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