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Financial Training – Part 1 of 12

Posted by M. C. on January 2, 2022

Gary North

I have a suggestion this year for a resolution: finally get your finances under control.

I have written before: “A new year’s resolution without a plan is a sure loser.” That’s why I am sharing this free course with you. I think it really can help you if you follow through. Do one lesson per week. I will share the next lesson with you each week.

The first lesson, Lesson 1, is an Introduction.

This is a 12-lesson video course that will teach you the Biblical principles of wealth management. If you stick to them and apply them, they will make you successful in life.

You will avoid falling into crushing debt and avoid the despair that comes with falling into the financial ditch. If you’re already there, you will learn what you must do to get out.

The first lesson introduces you to the covenant model that structures a successful life of wise financial stewardship.

Each lesson contains a video, plus free downloadable workbook materials: guided notes, worksheets, practical articles, and Bible verses for inspiration and dedication.

Click the link to get started now:


Be seeing you

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