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Nuclear War Over Ukraine? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2022

The other NATO allies are paper tigers. Most important, Germany has no desire to fight Russia. Unlike the snarling Republicans in the US Congress, Europeans want no new wars. Their boys are not ready to die for Luhansk.

By Eric S. Margolis

How many American soldiers will die in the battle for Luhansk?  Or Kerch?  Not 1 in 1,000 Americans could find these drab Ukrainian (formerly Russian) industrial cities on a map.

How many Americans are aware that a unit of the Florida National Guard is stationed in western Ukraine, of all places?  It’s just a training mission, says the Pentagon.  Right. Training how to pick oranges.  This from the ‘invincible’ US military (I used to be a member) that got its backside whipped in Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan.

No matter. The US, says President Biden, is geared up for a major fight in this obscure coal-mining region of the former Soviet Union.  US Navy vessels and aircraft now challenge Russia’s Black Sea and Azov Sea borders.  NATO units probe Ukraine’s air and land borders.

Washington is warning Moscow not to react to US military intrusions.  And, above all, not to invade Ukraine – which was part of historic Russia and the Soviet Union until the USSR fell apart after a US-engineered coup in Kiev that created western-orientated Ukraine.  Today, Ukraine is governed by a former TV comic whose career was financed by shady oligarchs and western interests.

President Biden has all but threatened war against Russia if Vlad Putin makes good on threats to attack Ukraine.  Putin warns the US of his new arsenal of whizz-bang weapons, many of them nuclear.  This reminds me of an Italian diplomat’s brilliant quip about the regional conflict over a barren Eritrean border region: ‘two bald men fighting over a comb.”

Ukraine is an economic black hole, with massive industrial pollution, titanic debts, unbridled thievery, and staggering corruption.

For Russia, Ukraine was its former industrial and agricultural heartland, and key component of the Russian state.  Think of Ohio suddenly detached from America by pro-Trump rebels or the Red Fleet cruising the Great Lakes.

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