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Our Race Back Into the Cave – The Good Citizen

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2022

So, like when we talk about hyper conformity under social pressure that literally silences voices and ideas to appease safety and feelings and appearances of virtue, which makes us all like dumber and stuff, that’s totally problematic, right?

Good Citizen

Edvard Munch Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Seeds of Speech
We must think before we speak. This is not meant in the command one gives to another whose words they did not like and are asking them to self censor and choose words that will not offend them or another, like the performed outrage of a mother admonishing her honest son.

“Bobby, you get over here and apologize for offending them. You must think before you speak young man!”

“Sorry.” Bows head in pretend shame.

“Now go to your room and kill terrorists on your playbox with your friends.”

“It’s PlayStation, and they aren’t terrorists mom, they’re anti-vaxxers!”

“That’s what I said, terrorists! Now go to your room!”

We must think before we speak. That is to say, to hinder one’s freedom of speech is to hinder their freedom of thought.

Our thoughts that are converted to ideas are influenced by our sensory input that are converted to explicit memories. This can include what we read, hear, see, feel and how we interpret those experiences as individuals in the greater context of our past.

If you shut down one’s right to speak freely, you inhibit their ability to think freely and to think freely about terrible ideas that could plague society. This leads to creeping civilization ending plagues of ritualistic mentally ill cults masquerading as benevolent utopian progress under the cloak of terms like ‘social justice’.

“Social justice? How could anyone be against that mom?”

“I told you to go to your room Bobby!”

Social Justice Cult

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