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Sorry, but online teaching is of limited value in many subjects – American Thinker

Posted by M. C. on January 8, 2022

I don’t see real interaction occurring online. Video delays, poor audio and visual quality, absent body language, singular and mass expressions from others, distractions, are examples to be considered when using online teaching. I’m sure some will disagree, but unless you have experienced both, from equally good instructors, I can’t see online education being as satisfying, stimulating, or mind-expanding for students or instructors.

By Ira H. Schoen

I have never been an advocate of online education.

After retiring from the federal government over a span of 30 years, I taught at the college/university level for about 10 years as an Adjunct Professor in Criminal Justice.

Not anymore.

All of my previous classes were in-person, and given the subject matter (Criminal Justice) I was teaching, I could not imagine it being effectively taught and discussed with my class online.

I was right.

Let me explain.  Logistically, none of my classes were less than 30 students, some were as large as 45 students.  All of my classes were interactive.  For example, I would typically start with a lecture, punctuated with intended questions and responses, some from other students, others by me.  The other half of my class time would be spent breaking my students into groups, with a question posed by me, and responded by a rotating student to present their findings and recommendations.

At this point, I would typically ask the other students for their comments, followed by my own.

My classes were purposely once a week, about two and one-half hours, with a break in-between.  Two, 5 to 7-page reports were generally assigned for my review with written feedback.  Person-to-person if necessary.  There were typically three exams as well.

I was available before and after every class and by appointment for any student.

An overwhelming majority of students approved of these scenarios, as evidenced by their year-end feedback.

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