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New revelations in the US + what’s happening in Israel today

Posted by M. C. on January 13, 2022

What a mess. Tony Fauci lied to Congress, they deliberately covered up the lab origin theory, and the situation in Israel today is totally unstable. We’re next.

Steve Kirsch

I’ve said this many times before, the entire pandemic response has been an unmitigated disaster. If we had just told people about the Fareed-Tyson early treatment protocol back in March of 2020, COVID would have been a non-event: COVID hospitalization and death would be tiny.

If you want to protect yourself from COVID, it’s simple and obvious: wear a 3M 7502 mask with a P100 filter. Done. But they never tell you that! Never! Nobody tells you that. Instead, they all tell you to do an intervention (wear a cloth, surgical, or N95 mask) which won’t protect you at all, and can potentially harm you (oxygen deprivation + risk of respiratory viruses). And then they compound their bad advice on prevention and treatment by mandating you take a vaccine that kills 15 people for every person it might ever save. And even if the vaccine was safe, it still causes negative efficacy (makes you more likely to be infected compared to not taking it). This just shows you how inept the authorities (and “experts”) are.

Early treatment was really the only intervention we ever needed treat COVID. But fat chance of that ever happening. No nation on earth is that smart to acknowledge that. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen because nobody wants to admit they were wrong.

Too bad no public official in the US is calling for a debate on this with our team of scientists. They don’t want to be exposed as incompetent.

Here’s what’s happening today…

See the rest here

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