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Are You Ready for the Accountability Phase? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 31, 2022

As you fight the mandates in your own life, as you shift the world around you toward a more free place, I need you to be mindful that sometime soon, that accountability phase will take place, and if you are ready, and have some established relationships and credibility, you will be part of those building the framework for a new America — one in which this will never again be allowed to occur.

By Allan Stevo

Sometime in the near future, people will snap out of what is happening.

Normal will return.

An angry public will want accountability. The public health establishment has figured out exactly how to distract you from this. You must not be distracted.

What will be needed are people in roles like these: 

1.) People friendly enough with local politicians to be able to encourage them privately through a period of accountability (not during a public meeting, not during a yelled out public comment, not over Zoom).

2.) People friendly enough with local editors to get a 500 word op-ed published in the local newspaper will be needed. People who can be background explaining the other side of a story to a reporter or editor will be needed. Having some established relationship with people in the media and a reputation for being knowledgeable on this topic will be needed.

3.) People friendly enough with local law enforcement, especially prosecutors, to be able to help them talk over (privately) what happens next will be needed.

Do I expect you to be your local dictator, calling the shots on everything? No, but I expect you to have a seat at the tableOnce you are at the table, your knowledge will shine, your sense of what is right will shine. If you are not in the room, you are not in the deal. No representative can represent someone like you. You are one of the most valuable members of your community at a time like the one we are about to go through and the knowledge you bring — I am not using this word lightly — is irreplaceable.

No one in your community has the combined local and global knowledge of what is taking place that you do. No matter how big your local freedom cell is, I believe what I have said here is still true.

You must understand the unique situation you are in, a situation you have likely never been in and a situation that you will likely never again be in. The times you are living through will set the stage for the centuries ahead. Perfection is not needed of you. You’ve already laid the groundwork phenomenally. All that is needed of you is to step forward effectively and to keep doing so unceasingly.

Your vim and vigor, tactfully delivered, will be enough.

Obey The Truth, Not Your Feelings 

Feelings are fleeting. They are meaningful, but they are a poor foundation upon which to build.

Sometimes people write me saying “I don’t want to turn people off when I present my argument.” There are ways to present the truth harshly and ways to present the truth gently. It is good to speak in a way that reaches others. However, if you are in any way avoiding the truth in conversations, then you are playing the simp and are not behaving like the leader this moment needs.

This moment needs people like you to rise to the occasion in roles like the above.

You do not get there by being a simp who stands for nothing. You get there by being someone who is clear with everyone around him about his values so that everyone in his community is able to say “Love him or hate him, this guy really knows his stuff on this topic.”

If you are still uncertain about the necessity of truth-telling in this era of deceit, I will point out that some of my readers were born into this world and expected to be truth-tellers, no matter what. That is the birthright of some of you. Author Stephen Baskerville goes so far as to write “He who is afraid to anger or offend is not yet a man.” Please, step into your own, as a bright shining light of truth, tactfully delivered, appropriate to the circumstances, no matter what the imagined impact of telling the truth may be.

Leadership Is Needed, And That Means You 

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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