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Keep On Rockin’ In The Twilight Zone – The Good Citizen

Posted by M. C. on January 31, 2022

What made their art so effective and still cherished today was that they were the rebels, the skeptics, the ones going against all the power structures of the state, the military industrial complex and framed their crusade as being anti-establishment, anti-authority and for the people. All of that has been completely inverted the past twenty years, which is part of what has killed great art in America, because propaganda cannot exist as art.

Good Citizen

Rod Serling
I want you to imagine a future, a not too distant future, where actors and musicians work on behalf of multi-national mega corporations who control all the governments of the world and work in tandem with unelected global technocrats. Imagine Elvis Presley telling those of his adoring fans who do not get themselves injected with an experimental toxin, for a virus that is no more deadly to them than the flu, that they are selfish killing machines putting all of mankind in danger by believing their bodies didn’t belong to these governments, corporations or the least intelligent and most neurotic of society. Imagine if you will these famous figures working on behalf of all powerful institutions to suppress freedom, bodily autonomy and civil liberties, while believing themselves to be stewards of righteousness and good will. In such a future, you will have entered the…Twilight Zone New Normal.

Vapid Mecca
There are numerous reasons Los Angeles is one of the most despicable places on earth. Trust me Good Citizens, I was born there. Even before the Soros-funded woke DA legalized violent crime to unleash a dystopian nightmare of deliberate anarcho-tyranny, or millions of homeless heroin addicts flocked there for the free needles and tiny canvas houses with gorgeous interstate freeway views; or the democrat policy reactions to a virus forced everyone toward a paradigm of herd animal behavior, child abuse and dehumanization, the city has always been a superficial and vapid national magnate for vain and narcissistic celebrity obsessed hordes to flock.

Actors and musicians. Musicians and actors. He has a script. She’s working on a project with so and so. “Have you heard of this new director blah blah blah? Well I’m doing set decoration on zir next film.” Today it’s also the mecca for the latest vapid and narcissistic craze of social media obsessed “hype houses” and “influencers”. Famous for downloading an application on their pocket computers and eagerly wasting their time making asses of themselves. It pays incredibly well to make an ass of yourself today. From Humphrey Bogart and Donna Reed to choreographing self debasing stunts to perform for the masses of low IQ automatons enamored with talentless nobodies. Welcome to the cultural New Normal.

When I asked a German friend what his impressions were of the city of angels, having traveled all over the United States, Europe, Asia and half of South America, he paused for a long moment to think and replied, “I don’t remember it so well to be honest. The only memory I have is the plane rising up over the pacific ocean and I looked back through the airplane window and all the way to the eastern horizon was smog and houses blended together like a wall of shit. I think my fondest memory was probably leaving.”

Neil Young
Imagine thinking because you had a few hit songs fifty years ago that you still had the power to cancel the largest podcaster in the world with over a hundred million listeners because you’re stupid enough to watch NPR and CNN and think that podcaster is disseminating “misinformation”. It takes a special level of delusion to arrive at this crossroads, willing to die on a big pharma/legacy media hill of propaganda and censorship while still believing you’re against “the man” and fighting “the system”.

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  1. Ross Bielema said

    Facebook will not allow me to post a link to this because your URL “violates spam rules.” Wow. Too sad for words. Facebook blows.

  2. M. C. said

    Yah, my blog made the bigtime, FB blocked.

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