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Suggestions for Erie County’s new Executive Brenton Davis

Posted by M. C. on February 4, 2022

Dear Mr. Davis

We now have a new Erie County government leader that has respect for liberty with respect to mandatory masking.

What should be next is accurate covid information. Since the outbreak started the Erie County Health Department and it’s media mouthpiece David Bruce have given the public a tiny fraction of the story.

Some suggestions for information you should demand be made public are:

How many covid “cases” and hospitalizations are FROM covid vs WITH covid?

The CDC just announced 75% of covid deaths have 4!!! co-morbidities. We should be told how many and what types of co-morbidities there have been in Erie County.

What percentage of tests are PCR and what percentage can tell the difference between influenza and covid?

Can current tests differentiate influenza and covid?

How much federal CARES money has been received by local medicine for “cases”, “covid” deaths and ventilator use with co-morbidities noted?

Why has Erie County been promoting cloth mask use when Fauci now advises they are ineffective. Surgical masks have been around for over 100 years. It is telling that the medical still hasn’t figured out how well they work. Will surgeries now be performed using N95 masks? If not, why not.

What response would YOU expect?

Sent to

Be seeing you

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