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Posted by M. C. on February 12, 2022

What will snap this half of the country out of their frightened narcissistic, anti-human, state worship? Perhaps it will be actually stepping into the abyss with a World War III, prosecuted by a barely sentient Joe Biden and a fiscally and morally bankrupt United States.

By Karen Kwiatkowski

I recently received an email from Move-on, a leader in Progressive Democratic advocacy.  They are very concerned about book banning (specifically Maus).  I can’t say it better than they do:

Across the country, book bans have risen dramatically over the past year, led by far-right politicians intent on stopping kids from learning about race, sexual orientation, gender identity, different cultures, or even just an unbiased history of our country.

It is a blatant, despicable attack on our freedoms and an attempt to control the minds of our kids.

We cannot, and will not, let it happen.

Notwithstanding the point here, the very best way to get a kid to read something is to tell them they mustn’t. I mean there are only dozens of websites where you can read this particular graphic novel right now, among a thousand more.

Move-on’s mail listing includes nearly half the country, and it’s the half that enthusiastically endorses the silencing, masking and strait-jacketing of the non-compliant “other.”  They comprise today’s cancel culture, yesterday’s witch hunts, and McCarthyism before McCarthy was vindicated. When they perceive the other half of the country canceling, or even just questioning, something they like, it gets self-righteous, indignant, angry, and ugly real quick.

No doubt, most of this is Democratic fundraising theater.  Still, many of us wonder about what goes on inside the heads of modern leftists.  This short tutorial may help:

Government, if you own it, is good.  Hence Joe Biden is good.  Kamala Harris is good.  The DOJ and FBI and DoD and CDC and FDA, and the Department of Education are all very good.  They were not good in 2019 and 2020, but they are now.

If government is good and the source of good, all must obey, honor and respect it. “Let’s Go Brandon” is code for thinking disrespectful thoughts about the President, therefore it must be eliminated from the cultural language, and those using it and thinking it must be vilified and condemned.

If government is good (and it is when we own it), it does not lie, cheat or steal.

If government does not lie, the CDC at any given moment is telling its best truth to the American people. Those who question the CDC and FDA “truth” and do not follow its “rules of the day” are disobedient.

If government does not cheat, suggesting that government-managed elections have been stolen are lies, not to be tolerated, and insurrectionary.

If government does not steal, suggestions that the vast federal and state administration is not giving us our moneys’ worth in terms of legislation, services, education or justice is disrespectful, disloyal, and ungrateful.

The Move-on message went on to say, “Make no mistake: These are attempts by Republicans to wage a white supremacist culture war and march our country closer toward authoritarianism.

Authoritarianism, rule by a central authority, necessitates threats and punishment to gain compliance, both generally and specifically.  It does not coexist with a decentralized, self-governing, organic authority, of people living their lives as they decide. Some people believe a just and stable balance between the two may be achieved, but the authoritarians know better, and in this they are correct.

Now, Move-on is “opposed” to “authoritarianism.”  The message concludes with this uplifting statement, “As we have done in the past, our grassroots, people-powered movement will fight back, and together we will succeed.”

To understand this conundrum of confusion and hypocrisy, we don’t really have to examine Marx. The animating philosophy for what is dividing the United States is less about marxism and more about narcissism.

There is also a real tension between love of statism, and love for individuals and the natural world. 

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