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Going Super-Viral and an Important Rumble Video

Posted by M. C. on February 21, 2022

Ron Unz

Just after I published my first long article on the likely origins of the Covid outbreak in April 2020, our alternative media website was suddenly deplatformed, being banned from Facebook and with all our pages completely deranked by Google. For almost a decade, my article The Myth of Hispanic Crime had regularly been ranked #2 of some 200 million Google search results on that topic, but it now suddenly disappeared from the public discussion, a development that deeply rankled me.

Being blocked by the two primary gatekeepers of the global Internet has obviously had a serious impact upon our ability to reach potential readers, especially new ones. Nonetheless, our articles do still occasionally strike a spark and go viral, racking up many tens of thousands of pageviews, an encouraging situation. But the massive current media propaganda-bubble promoting an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which seems to be a ridiculous hoax, has apparently shifted that landscape, creating a huge demand for contrary perspectives.

Last weekend I published Mike Whitney’s piece arguing that the motive behind the sudden war-hysteria was actually to prevent the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, which would have fostered their mutually-beneficial economic cooperation. Such peaceful Eurasian integration might be viewed as a major geopolitical threat by some American strategists, who thereby provoked the sudden war-scare.

The article seemed a good, solid presentation of an important but under-reported topic, and I thought it would do well given the relevance of the issue. Instead, to my total amazement, our small website soon began receiving our most remarkable gusher of traffic ever for a single article, with a large fraction of the readership coming from overseas, especially South Asia.

Over the last few days, that incisive analysis of the Ukraine Crisis has attracted nearly a half-million pageviews, possibly rivaling the readership of many of the concurrent offerings of the New York Times or the Economist.

It appears that nature abhors an informational vacuum and when nearly our entire Western media begins spouting what seems to be total nonsense on a looming war with nuclear-armed Russia, readers desperately turn to other sources, especially those willing to provide “Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.”

While I have absolutely no idea why lightning suddenly struck this particular article, the possibility of such a fortuitous development must surely inspire most contributors to this publication, not least including myself.

EPub Format • Mobi/Kindle

EPub FormatMobi/Kindle

Meanwhile, I have been continuing my own efforts to bring attention to the strong perhaps even overwhelming evidence that the global Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

The articles in my Covid/Biowarfare series have received substantial attention, over the last two years accumulating a total of more than 400,000 pageviews. But the careful analysis I have presented has been entirely in written form, greatly restricting its potential audience in our post-literate culture, and others have recently persuaded me that videos and podcasts were a much more effective means of distributing my crucial information.

As part of my new effort, Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad just interviewed me on his video podcast, incorporating some of the most telling evidence in his excellent presentation, and I would highly recommend the resulting 15 minute Rumble video that he released yesterday, which has already accumulated over 9,000 views: Video Link

I believe that if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.

So all those who seek the overthrow of our decrepit and disastrously decaying System—for whatever varied reasons—should focus on this extremely weak link, a catastrophe a thousand times greater than the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that helped bring down the Soviet Union.

For almost two years I have cited an ABC News story revealing that a secret DIA report described the “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan in November 2019, many weeks before there was any detectable disease outbreak in that city But the actual TV clip provides much greater impact, and one of my podcast interviewers recently brought it to my attention, allowing it to be incorporated into the Rumble video:

It’s also worth summarizing some of my analysis timeline in simple bullet-point format, documented in my long series of articles:

  1. Over the decades America has spent $100 billion creating the world’s largest biowarfare capability.

See the rest here

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