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Vaccine passports: More useless than you thought

Posted by M. C. on February 22, 2022

As I reported a week or two ago, the vaccine passport systems in various American cities

Since the last time I wrote, the system in Boston has also been removed. That holds special significance for me. I could not bear to see the city of my youth placed under those useless, cruel, and unscientific orders.

Here’s a chart you can try to stump your friends with.

These are two neighboring counties in California: Los Angeles County, which has a widespread vaccine passport system, and Orange County, which has no passport system at all.

These people live right next to each other. It’s a perfect test.

We are told that the shots are supposed to reduce hospitalizations. So let’s have a look.

Hospitalizations in Los Angeles County vs. hospitalizations in Orange County.

There had better be a huge difference in Los Angeles County’s favor to justify all this.

And yet….

And yet.

Here is the chart, generated from covidactnow dot org:
I haven’t labeled the counties. Can you tell them apart?

Can your friends?

Shouldn’t they be able to?

The answer almost doesn’t matter, since the curves for the two places are essentially indistinguishable. But if you’re really curious, I’ll tell you that the blue line, which is slightly worse, is Los Angeles County, the place with county-mandated vaccine requirements to participate in normal life, and the orange line, which is slightly better, is Orange County, which has no such requirements.

They’ve destroyed businesses, torn families apart, turned people’s lives upside down — and it’s all for nothing.

Nothing at all.

I know my good readers will tell me: this has never been about a virus.

If you’ve doubted that, doubt no longer.

It is about compliance and control. The chart speaks for itself.

The same goes for the rest of the alleged mitigation measures. There’s no evidence masking children (or anyone) does anything, and yet they’re going to die on the hill of keeping masks on kids.

What are masks doing to little children who are still learning language and human communication in general?

As it happens, one of my podcast listeners just designed a product that does something like the opposite of this.

Not only does it not impede children’s mastery of communication, but to the contrary it actually teaches the littlest among them — toddlers and even infants — language, math, and reading.

We know it’s much easier to learn a new language from birth than it is to try to learn it later. So instead of building on this principle, our overlords are putting masks on everyone’s faces.

Anyway, I decided to affiliate with this product, because it sure seems as if now is pretty much the most urgent time, in order to counteract the mask weirdness, to enrich the development of the littlest.

Tom Woods

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