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Hyenas In The Kitchen

Posted by M. C. on February 24, 2022

Cooking up enemies and conflict with lies and propaganda has never been so obvious.

US foreign policy is a racket. The war designers in the MIC, the government, media and think tanks will never suffer consequences of their treachery and stupidity. The EU has agreed to a suicide pact with the U.S., which will require it buys U.S. natural gas at inflated prices rather than from their neighbor and friends in Russia whom they recently asked to build more pipelines to supply cheap energy to the continent. With friends like the U.S., who needs enemies?

Putin Swings Back
Listening to Putin’s recent speech that preceded the declaration to recognize the independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, it was difficult not to notice that something was incredibly off about his claims. They simply did not match what the western corporate press, those dutiful stenographers for NATO power have been reporting for years. Putin gave the world a history lesson, pulled back the curtain on western lies and hypocrisies, (only some of them, there are a thousand curtains that need pulling back) and showed the world he’s not going to be pushed around by the little hyenas of the European prairie any longer.

In some middle eastern folklore hyenas are referred to as symbols of treachery and stupidity. In other mythologies they are known as vampire creatures who stalk and suck the blood of their prey. The phrase ‘laugh like a hyena’ dates back centuries in English literature including Shakespeare, and now embodies the number two position of the American executive branch. More on hyenas later.

Putin’s speech corrected the hyena’s revisionist attempts of events in Ukraine the past eight years and revealed a man who, having watched his nation get pushed to its limits with broken promises and door mat NATO diplomacy, showed that he’s simply had enough. And good for him. In our new multi polar world of geopolitical chess the bear and dragon are ascendant, and realist foreign policy doesn’t require the permission of any community, particularly a deceitful paper tiger like NATO or useless cabal of globalist order-takers at the EU or UN. While there’s little to celebrate with these new circumstances for global conflict, a convenient distraction from the last engineered global conflict, we must recognize the chance for lasting peace and alliance between the west and Russia was denied by the U.S. every step of the way.

All that remains is brutal realism and the flexing of power, the kind of realism rooted in self interest to serve the people of a nation and defend it from encroaching hyenas. Twenty years of poking the bear has consequences, but hyenas don’t know anything beyond their instincts, treachery and stupidity.

Media A-Z
Given the role of the global corporate press in engineering a pandemic and all the crimes that followed the past two years, it’s astounding that people who know their lies and propaganda were constant and shameful watch the same servants of power report on Russia and Putin and believe what they are saying is the truth. But that’s how that saying goes: fool me once here and twice there, happy to get fooled again and again.

Everything they’ve reported since the U.S. backed coup in Ukraine of 2014, from the “dignity revolution” where Neo-Nazi nationalists from western Ukraine were mobilized as shock troops to overthrow the Yanukovych government with US Aid (Soros), and brutally attacked any Russian loyalists, burning forty alive in a building in Odessa, to the annexation of Crimea whose population prefers Russia, to the constant violations of the Minsk agreement by Ukrainian forces along the cease fire lines, to claims of “Ukrainian democracy” when it’s at best a dysfunctional corrupt Oligarchy, has all been one stream of endless lies.1 Add to that the domestic lies of Trump-Russia collusion, set up through CIA and FBI attempted coups of a democratically elected President at home engineered by the opposition party, while constantly vilifying anyone who asked any questions at all as “Putin’s Puppet” or a “Russian sympathizer” and you have one of the biggest psychological operations ever unleashed on western populations, not to mention grotesque acts of overt treason.

Yet still, many who know that the media and government pandemic lies are terrifyingly real, still believe the stories about Putin and Russia. But that’s how logic works: if A was lying about everything regarding X, they’re certainly telling the truth regarding Y and Z.

Russia is a dictatorship because they have state-run media that parrots the Putin regime propaganda. Not like America, where we have a totally free press 😒

— Christina Pushaw 🐊🚛 (@ChristinaPushaw) February 23, 2022

War Chefs
If there was ever anything noble in war, the courage, bravery, facing one’s mortality, the tactics and maneuvers of battles that required out-smarting one’s enemy, Sun Tzu’s art, all that is lost to advanced technology and a desire to manipulate public sentiment above all things. They call them hybrid wars, asymmetric wars, psychological wars, information wars and has been proffered on this outfit the most evil of all where victims are unsuspecting innocents believing their governments have their best interests in mind – Silent Wars – atrocities by states against their own citizens.

Today wars are not fought, they’re curated like an exhibit at a museum. They are designed like a tapestry or an exotic dish on a cooking show. A little bit of false flag fava beans, julian propaganda peppers, sliced projection potatoes, a splash of historical revisionism radishes, piles of intel leeks and you have the makings of war by design. Put it all into an oven where your enemy feels the burn and acts in a way you can claim was their true evil nature all along, and you have a nice dish of cooked up conflict. When you control the global media machine who work for the head chefs designing this war dish, it makes it effortless to serve up this heaping load of detestable horse shit as reality. Millions will rush to obediently eat and regurgitate it.

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